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EikoTwin DIC, an Advanced Tool for Ensuring That Simulation Results Match Test Data, Joins the APA

EikoTwin DIC (digital image correlation), an advanced tool for resolving discrepancies between test data and simulation results, has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Launched by EikoSim in 2016, EikoTwin DIC is deployed in a number of Europe’s largest aerospace enterprises, successfully addressing one of the most significant pain points in the validation process.
“During the design of innovative products, CAE engineers often encounter discrepancies between their simulation results and the test data that is meant to validate the simulation,” said Florent Mathieu, CEO and co-founder of EikoSim. “This can lead to frustrating back and forth with the test team and, in the worst-case scenario, the time and expense of further testing.”
EikoTwin DIC uses advanced image processing tools to enable CAE engineers to rapidly reach the version of their simulation that reproduces the test data perfectly. Specifically, it collects images of the mechanical structure to measure its displacements and deformations. The finite element mesh transferred from the numerical simulation is used to measure this displacement. This provides a natural continuity in the data from simulation to test, facilitating the validation of the numerical simulation. Direct comparison of measured and simulated fields is made possible.
The proven capabilities of EikoTwin DIC ensure that users can be confident their simulations will be predictive of the behaviors that occurred during validation tests. It is particularly relevant to the aerospace sector, where design teams routinely face the challenge of validating highly innovative products. Typically, this encompasses new materials, novel manufacturing techniques, and complex shapes and assemblies. The same issues are also regularly encountered in the automotive sector, where EikoTwin DIC can deliver similarly powerful benefits for hard-pressed engineers.
As Florent explains, the introduction of EikoTwin to the APA provides excellent synergy for Altair HyperWorks users, who can export the results of image processing direct to their simulations. “To realize its full value, we know that our product needs to be connected to simulation tools. Clearly Altair has one of the most impressive portfolios in this field, making the APA a perfect platform for promoting the considerable merits of image processing to a global design engineering community.”
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