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Cetim’s Powerful Solution for Bolted and Secured Joint Analysis is Added to the Altair Partner Alliance

By Altair Partner Alliance | FieldView CFD |

The most powerful and easy-to-use solution for the design and verification of bolted and secured joints is now available via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Widely used where safety or security are mission-critical, Cetim Cobra enables designs to be tested quickly and rigorously to prevent failures and extend service life, in line with the VDI2230 standard. In contrast to manual calculations and verifications, which can take several days to complete, with Cobra even complex assemblies are resolved in around 30 minutes.

Cobra offers 30-minute design and verification time for a complex assembly

“The addition of Cobra follows the successful introduction to the APA of QSD, our software for evaluating composite layup strategies,” said Mathieu Buard, calculation engineer at Cetim, a French company that provides a comprehensive array of services to mechanical engineering industries worldwide. “Now the same community of engineers, designers, simulation specialists, and R&D teams can benefit immediately from use of Cobra without having to purchase a license. What’s more, Cobra naturally complements the broader simulation offer already available through the APA.”
Leading enterprises and organizations in the automotive, rail, air, defense, and space sectors routinely employ Cobra to analyze dynamic assemblies. For industries such as gas, petroleum, agriculture, and construction, it is an equally valuable tool for heavy duty joints.
Key features of Cobra include:
  • Meets and exceeds the VDI2230 standard, and extensions NF E 25030-1, NF E 25030-2.
  • Based on unrivaled experience in the analysis, review, verification, failure analysis and dimensioning of bolted and screwed joints, with controlled torque pre-tightening.
  • 100% focused on operational data and production; takes into account installation error and data dispersion.
  • 100% validated: continuous verification of data compliance / validation. Cetim is the only software editor with laboratory backing.
  • Extensive field support: 450 experts available to provide support and onsite training.

Cobra addresses bolted join design and failure analysis

The extensive capabilities of Cobra reflect the expertise and experience of Cetim in the mechanical engineering sector. Working in conjunction with a wide range of partners in industry and science, Cetim is committed to R&D that cuts across boundaries, in both national and international domains.
Altair offers on-demand access to a broad spectrum of software applications from over 55 companies participating in the APA. Customers can leverage a wide range of software tools from a centralized source, helping them reduce time to market, increase intelligent design, and make smarter decisions faster.
To learn more about Cetim Cobra, click here to register for our introductory webinar, scheduled on June 24, 2020.