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Mician Brings Fast, Accurate RF Microwave Component Design to the APA

By Altair Partner Alliance | Mician GmbH |

Powerful solutions for the design of passive radio frequency (RF) microwave components are now available via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), following the addition of German-based Mician GmbH to this ever-expanding community. Initially geared toward the space sector, in particular satellite payloads, Mician µWave Wizard now offers a combination of advanced hybrid solver and 3D modeler technology in order to speed up the process of accurately analyzing, synthesizing, and optimizing RF components. In addition to filters, multiplexers, couplers, and horn antennas, applications also include complex waveguide assemblies such as feed networks.

µWave Wizard sets the standard

Launched over 20 years ago, and continuously improved ever since, µWave Wizard sets the standard for fast, precise, easy-to-use RF component design tools. The built-in hybrid solver technology provides users with the benefits of ‘several engines under one roof.’ As a result, it is specifically suitable for large assemblies that are realistically beyond the capabilities of most other commercially available alternatives. Complex RF circuits can be broken down into a series of smaller circuits that are simulated and optimized separately. They can subsequently be recombined, analyzed and optimized for final performance.
The development speed of µWave Wizard is complemented by its accuracy. With little or no need for tuning after assembly, profitability is significantly improved.
The leading choice for satellite payload and ground system applications

As a testimonial to its wide range of applications and capabilities, RF components designed using µWave Wizard can be found in just about every commercial and government satellite launched in the past decade. Mician’s industry-leading software solutions are also utilized for RF circuits on UAVs, VSAT terminal assemblies, TV broadcast, radar systems, automotive, 5G backhaul and for research.
“By joining the APA, we are excited to put µWave Wizard within easy reach of a growing global community of talented designers and developers,” said Dr Peter Krauss, one of the managing directors of Mician. “At the same time, it will connect our existing family of customers and users with a wealth of compelling tools that similarly deliver better design outcomes, quickly and cost-effectively.”
For more details on the benefits of µWave Wizard, click here to register for our introductory webinar, scheduled on July 1, 2020 at 10 a.m. EDT.