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PollEx brings Altair’s simulation-driven design philosophy to the electronics industry, inspiring innovation while ensuring timing, performance, reliability, and compliance targets are met. It is used by global industry leaders to improve efficiency, increase performance, foster teamwork, and enhance collaboration.

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Unified Part Library

All design processes are supported by a common Unified Part Library that enables engineers from different disciplines to efficiently collaborate on projects, sharing physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and assembly attribute data, centralized in one place.

Schematic Design Review

PollEx can import designs from all major ECAD vendors, including Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Zuken and Altium in addition to the industries neutral formats. Its modeling features support design reviews, including comparison between schematics and PCB data, so faults can be detected and solved early in the process without the need for expensive ECAD licenses.

Samsung SDI Customer Story

PCB Review, Inspection, and Verification

Pollex unsurpassed capabilities to reads major ECAD file formats and easy-to-use application foster collaboration of expert teams working on schematic and PCB design. Improve board layouts, and drive designs with simulation tools for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability and ESD protection.

Track and inform multidisciplinary team members of design changes and revisions at the BOM, logical and PCB level, export smart documented reports of verification results, and easily share designs update documentation to consistently maintains the highest design quality.

Signal Integrity Use Case

PCB Analysis and Optimization

In addition to built-in analysis features, PollEx can export to other Altair and third-party physics simulation tools. You can take advantage of Altair Units to employ our solvers to confidently identify and correct design issues earlier in development. Use Altair® SimLab® to to automate structural stress, vibration, and drop test performance with robust and repeatable workflows for fast, accurate and consistent results. Use Altair® Feko®for detailed EMI/EMC analysis.

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Design for Manufacturing

PollEx increases efficiency of PCB production with the export of fabricating, mounting, and paneling and testing data to production line machinery. Over 500 design for manufacturability (DFM) checks cover the manufacturing areas of board, component, drill, FPCB, package, pad, pattern, placement, and tooling. Automated and customizable tests permit to identify potential manufacturability issues earlier and to increase yield.

Design for Assembly and Test

PollEx provides a set of tools to design PCBs with ease of assembly and end-of-line testing in mind. Over 50 design for assembly (DFA) checks assembly issues with collision, lead, placement, component and board, are avoided.

Increase efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, with the export of fabricating, mounting, paneling, and testing data to production line machinery.

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Design PCBs Right the First Time

Altair PollEx with its comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools helps organizations to: Improve communication among multiple discipline engineers by overcoming difficulties due to usage of different data (structure) and application (toolsets). Incorporate practical solutions and customizing features vetted by global electronic leaders. Significantly reduce the number of design reviews and thereby achieve better time to market and cost


Altair Pollex - Design Review and Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards with PCB Modeler

Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. Utilizing the PCB Modeler, users can quickly view and explore in detail PCB design data from all major industry formats.

Use Cases

Altair PollEx Datasheet

Altair PollEx is a PCB-level Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software suite covering design review, analysis and manufacturing. It significantly reduces development cycles while providing a common communication application between schematic engineers, PCB designers, CAE analysts, and manufacturing engineers.


Introduction to Altair PollEx

This webinar introduces the benefits of PollEx for fast PCB design viewing and exploration, analysis (including signal integrity and thermal), verification (considering electrical, assembly, and manufacturing constraints), and how these solutions work within the unified PollEx electronics part data management software.

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