Altair® PollEx™ for ECAD

Making PCB design right the first time with simulation

Make better PCB design decisions early and improve product quality. Meet your design challenges with accurate, physics-based simulation for PCB design review, analysis, verification, and early manufacturing assessment. Altair PollEx for ECAD makes simulation accessible to everyone. Download your free version today.

Altair® PollEx™

Accelerating Electronic Systems Development from Design to Manufacturing

Altair PollEx for ECAD Capabilities

Altair PollEx for ECAD provides a complete PCB simulation environment for design reviews, analysis, verification, and manufacturing assessment of physical, logical, thermal, and electrical attributes early in the design lifecycle.

It offers early checks for signal integrity (SI), EMI vulnerability, and ESD protection, ensuring return path routing, balanced differential pairs, and the verification many other essential features.

DFM tools highlight potential manufacturing issues and increase production yield leveraging the tight integration with your ECAD tool. Altair PollEx for ECAD’s integrated physics-based board level thermal analysis enables teams to understand cooling needs.

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Modernize PCB Design Process

Move beyond current best practice and basic design rule checks, preventing late and costly program fixes with Altair PollEx for ECAD. Understand potential issues up-front in the design process and use analysis to resolve them.

Unlock PCB System-Level Simulation

Simply install the free Altair PollEx version for your ECAD and immediately start performing system-level simulation for signal integrity, EMI vulnerability, and more. Reduce design iterations while compressing time to market and increasing product reliability.

Meet your PCB design challenges with accurate, physics-based simulation.

Use for Free, Today

Upgrade to the full Altair PollEx version to unlock more advanced capabilities, including power integrity (PI), additional DFM/DFE/DFA verification and direct interface to the most popular ECAD and FEA tools. PollEx brings Altair’s simulation-driven design philosophy to the electronics industry, inspiring innovation while ensuring timing, performance, reliability, and compliance targets are met. It is used by global industry leaders to improve efficiency, increase performance, foster teamwork, and enhance collaboration. Ask for a 30-day free trial of the full version today.

PollEx PCB Verification solution was initially adopted to reduce manufacturing defects and human errors of engineers, and thanks to it we could significantly reduce development and manufacturing costs.

- JungWon Lee | Chief Researcher, Samsung SDI -

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