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Designing and Building Better Robots with Altair Inspire

Designing and Building Better Robots with Altair Inspire

See how students can use Altair Inspire’s analysis and optimization tools to make effective and competitive robots as they compete in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. Team 67, The Heroes of Tomorrow, has integrated Inspire into their design process to analyze their components, predict failures, and guide decisions to produce highly engineered world-class robots. This presentation shows recent case studies where Inspire helped The HOT Team structurally improve individual components and analyze the structure and dynamics of entire systems.

Presented by Colin Dagg, Design and Analysis with Heroes of Tomorrow (HOT), as part of Altair's Future.Industry 2024 conference.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO , PT, ZH-CN.

Duration: 15 minutes

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