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PSIM Code Generation for DSP+FPGA Development System - PE-Expert4

PSIM Code Generation for DSP+FPGA Development System - PE-Expert4

The PE-Expert4 is the Next Generation Development System for the Control of Power Electronics. The PE-Expert4 is setting the leading edge for power electronics development systems. It is a mixed DSP+FPGA system with the main code and algorithm executing on a 1.25 GHz DSP while the peripherals like PWM and ADC are handled by dedicated FPGAs. Highlighted features and capabilities when properly configured:

- 144 PWMs @ up to 400kHz

- 1.25 GHz TI C6657 DSP

- 68 Analog Inputs

- 60 Digital to analog outs

- 80 isolated Digital ins

- 80 isolated Digital outs

- counter, encoder, resolver inputs

- Dual-core architecture: one DSP for code execution and one DSP for dedicated debugging and troubleshooting

- The central TI C6657 DSP is 10x faster than the latest F2837x C2000 MCUs from TI, it is 100x faster than the F2833x C2000 MCUs. There is a second DSP that has access to the same memory which is used to pass internal DSP calculations out to the waveform monitoring program PE-ViewX for real-time analysis and debugging of the control algorithm.


Programming the system is incredibly straightforward using PSIM's embedded code generation capabilities.

In this webinar, we use PSIM to generate code for two case studies: a PMSM sensorless motor drive and a 7-level flying capacitor multi-level inverter. The motor is being controlled live and internal variables like the Id and Iq control loops are monitored in real-time. The system is then quickly reconfigured for control of a 7-level inverter real-time HIL demonstration using the Typhoon HIL 604.


Learn to:

- Generate code using PSIM

- How to define a PWM output

- How to define an ADC sample

- How to define an interrupt routine

- Compile and load code to the PE-Expert4 using the control software PE-ViewX

- Setup waveform variable for waveform monitoring

- Control process variables like motor speed reference

- Run the PE-Expert4 with a real-time HIL system for control verification of large/complex/dangerous systems


Partner products used: PE-Expert4 development system and  Typhoon HIL 604

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