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The Link - Seamless Export Between PSIM and Typhoon HIL

The Link - Seamless Export Between PSIM and Typhoon HIL

This webinar covers the combined workflow of importing/exporting schematics for Typhoon HIL real-time simulation with PSIM. As recognized technology leaders, a seamless workflow from PSIM to Typhoon's Control Center and vice versa was a natural progression.


This workflow will:

- Speed up your design cycle

- Reduce your time to market

- Reduce failures in prototypes

- Reduce development costs


To showcase the workflow, we cover two case studies that include embedded code generation for the TI C2000 MCU family:

- Phase-shifted full-bridge converter with peak current mode control (PCMC) and active secondary

- Microgrid, 3-phase gird link converter with MPPT and solar panels.


We also demonstrate the link with a few other examples including:

- A simple buck converter

- A motor drive

- A multi-level converter

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