Choosing the right concrete design and detailing solution saves users time, helps them meet code and safety requirements, and ensures they’re confident in their designs.

S-CONCRETE accelerates your project workflow from design setup to engineering report generation. Use it to view immediate results as you design and detail reinforced concrete beams, columns, walls, and continuous beams according to regional design codes in an intuitive work environment. And S-CONCRETE can easily and seamlessly exports all your results in a comprehensive, transparent design report.


Transparent Design Reports

Altair S-CONCRETE enhances productivity with a design solution that generates immediate results in a single interface. Comprehensive code checks go well beyond the strength of the concrete section; design for axial, shear, moment loads, torsion, and more. S-CONCRETE generates transparent design results that include everything users need to detail and optimize reinforced concrete, including:

  • Utilization status
  • Governing load cases
  • Detailing checks status
  • Intermediate results
  • Errors and warnings for failed checks with clause reference

Simple Design Environment for Walls, Beams, and Columns

With S-CONCRETE, users can quickly and easily specify section dimensions, material properties, concrete cover, reinforcement bar type, units, and design codes within a single dialog box. With a powerful and easy-to-use interface, S-CONCRETE is ideal for designing:

  • Walls with distributed or boundary (zone) concentrated reinforcement layouts in each section
  • Columns – both rectangular and circular – with rectangular or circular ties or spiral reinforcement, and holes or steel I-shaped composite columns
  • Beams – including rectangular beams, T-beams, L-beams, or slab bands with closed or open multi-leg stirrups 
  • Continuous beams that have multiple spans with different section dimensions and reinforcement layouts

Intuitive Automation

Users can begin with an estimate for section dimensions and reinforcement layout and then allow S-CONCRETE to automatically check and modify sections in an iterative design process to arrive at a configuration that meets all design requirements. Users can further fine-tune the S-CONCRETE-provided design in an easy-to-use interface that displays immediate code check results as parameters are tweaked.

Reinforcement tools allow users to select and control:

  • Vertical and horizontal reinforcement material, bar size, count, and spacing
  • Multiple layers of vertical bars in columns or longitudinal bars in beams
  • Zones for concentrated vertical reinforcement in walls
  • Tie and stirrup configuration, bar size, spacing, and hook type
  • Splice type of vertical reinforcement for consideration in bar spacing checks

A Versatile Solution for Any Project

S-CONCRETE’s flexibility and ease of use makes it an ideal fit for any company’s project workflow. Use it to perform concrete design in the integrated Altair® S-FRAME® Analysis ICD tool to model and analyze concrete structures, run code compliance checks, and perform design group optimizations. S-CONCRETE automatically applies load data to concrete sections after running an analysis in S-FRAME. And with S-FRAME’s Analysis environment, users can design concrete structural elements with maximum productivity.

Alternatively, users can copy and paste loading data from third-party analysis applications to apply factored loads for walls, columns, and beams. They can also use the S-CONCRETE batch processing mode to design thousands of concrete beams, columns, and walls.

Shave Days Off Project Timelines

Multistory Designer efficiently imports concrete structural element data from third-party analysis models like ETABS® to simultaneously design all concrete structural elements. Users can control which concrete elements to import and their data, including section dimensions, material properties, and analysis results. Multistory Designer’s simple, automated three-step process creates a comprehensive design report that includes results for all elements so users can identify areas of interest to modify further.

Continuous Concrete Beam Design

Lastly, users can analyze and design reinforced, multi-span continuous beams that have different section dimensions and reinforcement for each span. Run an auto-design to create a passing model, which users can refine further in the intuitive graphical design environment. Additionally, design and detail interior, exterior, simple span, and cantilever beams for short and long-term deflection, flexure, shear, and torsion throughout the entire beam length. And continuous concrete beam design with S-LINE handles vertical loads and torsion.

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