XLDyn by XLDyn, LLC

Model-based Systems Engineering Software

XLDyn brings together cross-domain product development activities using the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) methodology in a fully integrated and easy to use tool. XLDyn is comprised of two modules XLSE, a OMG SysML compliant software for design analysis and managing requirements and verification along with XL1D, a 1D multiphysics simulation package.

Why XLDyn?

Improve Design Quality and Reduce Time

XLDyn improves design quality by providing design management, collaboration, and traceability. Reduce time by reusing and consolidating design artifacts.

Reduce Design Process Complexity

Engineers deal with many software packages to complete their job. XLDyn provides most functionality needed by product development and systems engineers.

Reduce Software Cost

No need to purchase multiple software packages for systems and design engineers.

Key Features

MBSE Model Construction Made Easy

Models are constructed by drag and drop using the library or previous models in the SE server database. Models can be constructed from imported data.

Design Variant Analysis

Design performance can be compared for any number of model variants. The detailed model content can be compared for any two model variants.

Requirement Verification with Simulation

Simulations can be linked to the requirement verifiers and executed from diagram view. Results are updated automatically.

Actionable SysML Diagrams

Both activity and state diagrams are programable and can be executed and analyzed. They also can be used to verify requirements.

Integrated 1D Simulation

1D multiphysics simulation (XL1D) is included and fully integrated with XLDyn. Third party simulation software can be easily integrated.

Complete Product Development Toolset

XLDyn includes a wide range of important features tailored for product development engineering tasks from use case definition through final product validation.