Altair Material Modeler

Raw Material Data Processing Framework

Often, generating material properties is time consuming and inconsistent. To ensure well-informed decisions, access to high quality material data is essential. Altair Material Modeler (AMM) is a modeling software that allows users to quickly and accurately process raw test material data and generate required inputs for data export in txt format, including simulation-ready material cards for the nonlinear behavior of bulk materials like metals, plastics, rubbers, and foams.

Intuitive workflows let users create material data for elasto-plastic and hyperelastic material models. The option to generate simulation material cards supports market-available implicit and explicit codes and can be used for multiphysics simulations. Altair Material Modeler dramatically reduces the time and costs needed to create high-quality material data and simulation input for computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications.

Why Altair Material Modeler?


Robust Material Data Processing

Raw test material data processing is complex and subject to individual processes and tools. Altair Material Modeler streamlines the material data transformation process through an intuitive workflow that offers multiple mathematical models.


High Quality Material Data

Users can validate fitted material data through an integrated explicit simulation. Common testing standards, corresponding sample geometries, and testing conditions are then proposed for validation simulation. Also, material parameter stability, which is particularly important for hyperelastic materials, can be verified and reiterated.


Slash Lead Times

Altair Material Modeler reduces lead times through a streamlined process for material data generation and validation, enabling data export in multiple output formats. In combination with Altair Material Data Center, share material data throughout your organization on the fly.

Key Features

Democratizing Material Preparation

Highly automated workflows unlock the data processing know-how.

Input Formats

Data import is enabled for different data formats such as Excel, *.csv, *.dat and *.txt.

Data Preparation

Scale, shift, add mean curve, and smooth are some of the options to prepare your raw test data for further processing.

Curve Operations

Altair Material Modeler offers multiple mathematical models for curve fitting and extrapolation according to commercial solver requirements. Additionally, the expert mode enables you to create strain-rate curves, failure criteria, and run validation simulations.

Material Parameters Validation

Altair Material Modeler contains a library of virtual specimens and test conditions directly integrated with a validation simulation to approve your data.

Data Export

Export the processed material data in a defined format or as a ready-to-use material card for multiphysics simulation with market available solvers.

Featured Workflows

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