Make Your Data Go the Extra Mile

More than ever, innovators need reliable access to their data to keep discovery moving forward no matter what the “office” for the day looks like. Altair One makes it easy to take your data with you so you can access, analyze, aggregate, and share from any device.

The Altair Drive

Securely upload, access, store and manage data using the Altair Drive. Altair Drive makes it possible to access your data from anywhere, on any device, without big downloads. View text, initial concept designs, 3D files, and more, share work with your team, view change history, run simulations right in the drive, and use multiple tools in the same session via desktop preview – all through Altair One.

Your Team’s Central Intelligence Repository

Sharing ideas, designs, and results between team members has never been easier. Altair One helps you bypass traditional challenges like sharing data-heavy iterations with team members with different software applications or technical specs, providing a central innovation hub where components transform into more innovative products.

Data Cataloging and Digital Thread

Altair One aggregates your data in a central location and builds a library of shared knowledge that catalogs models, parts, documents, and other findings through automatic metadata tagging. Digital thread technology makes it possible to quickly trace designs back to desired points in the design process and uphold data lineage standards across your team, and it allows you to keep a close eye on your team’s progress with simple change history.

With the Altair® Cassini™ unified digital platform, you can connect cross-functional teams and capture and connect your data across an entire product lifecycle, from concept through end-of-life. Cassini product lifecycle management delivers unmatched insight and enables accelerated product development.

Data Digitalization and Machine Learning

As the aggregation hub for all your team’s findings, Altair One is the heart of your data-driven advantage. Data digitalization unlocks limitless exploration, empowering your team to apply machine learning to query historical data that closely meets product requirements to drastically cut down time to market. Altair One users also have exclusive access to Altair DesignAI™ the next generation of generative design. DesignAI combines physics-based, simulation-driven design and machine-learning-based, AI-driven design to identify high-potential designs earlier in development cycles.

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