Altair One®

Cloud Innovation Gateway

Engineers and data scientists have introduced a host of world-changing technologies over the past several decades, but the way they work has remained surprisingly stagnant — until now. Altair One® is a revolutionary cloud innovation gateway for collaborative engineering, data engineering, and analytical application development. Built on a robust high-performance computing (HPC) backbone and decades of simulation, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, Altair One provides access to your tools, data, and computing resources while unleashing the power of AI across every step of the product development life cycle.

Seamless Access

Gain seamless access to powerful engineering and data analytics software via desktop or browser. Integrate streamlined application development and deployment, manage complex workflows, visualize data with user-friendly dashboards, and drive engineering advancements from any location, leveraging flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure.

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Manage Data Across the Product Lifecycle

Maintain data continuity and experience a seamless flow of digital information throughout every step of the product development life cycle. Consolidate your team's collective expertise including simulation data, metadata, data libraries, and more in a centralized repository. Utilize stored information and access cloud-native applications, exclusively in Altair One, to drive innovation.

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Powerful HPC Backbone

Manage cloud and on-premises resources with one view into your entire computing infrastructure. Analyze, budget, and make informed decisions for the future, support large-scale projects and growing teams with flexible, scalable cloud-based resources and the latest CPU and GPU technology. Our cloud-agnostic approach allows users to select their preferred cloud vendor or deploy appliances in their own cloud account.

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This is Altair One

Accelerate innovation with unlimited access to software and HPC resources.

Gateway to a Digital Enterprise

One Source of Truth

Altair One makes true digital engineering possible. Break down data silos between engineers, access and manage scalable compute resources, and digitize engineering processes all through a single pane of glass.


One Total Twin

From requirements and product design to in-service optimization, Altair One provides one comprehensive, open digital twin architecture. Embedded AI technology bridges multidisciplinary system simulation with real-world data to accelerate design exploration, product development, and manufacturing. End-to-end AI and Internet of Things (IoT) tools reduce waste, minimize downtime, and enhance productivity.


One Traceable Thread

Integrate requirements, simulation, testing, and operational data in one environment. Break down data silos between engineers and teams; formalize the development, integration, and use of models for informed decision-making; connect digital models; and maintain one traceable thread across the entire product development life cycle. Altair One is your gateway to secure, centralized simulation process and data management, and it’s rich with cloud-native applications that shorten your path to innovation.

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For Engineers

Experience the convenience of an all-in-one platform with comprehensive simulation workflows, automated metadata collection, and collaborative tools to speed up engineering processes. Add instant access to powerful compute resources — all in a safe, user-friendly environment that doesn’t require specialized IT skills — for faster results from anywhere.


For Data Scientists

Get instant access to your data analytics tools and on-demand hardware resources anytime, anywhere, in a dynamic, collaborative environment that accelerates innovation. With efficient, intuitive cloud bursting and cost control, data scientists can run large AI/machine learning workloads and access the GPU resources they need to quickly run large language models (LLMs).


For IT Administrators

Give your engineering and data analytics teams seamless access to the tools and computing resources they need to succeed while minimizing your IT support burden. Efficiently manage software licenses and oversee cloud and on-premises resources through a secure, unified environment, reducing maintenance overhead and streamlining operations.


For Executives

Maximize workforce productivity by enabling seamless collaboration among remote teams. Stay ahead of competitors by leveraging the latest software and hardware for timely innovation, reducing reliance on physical prototypes. Remain flexible with a scalable environment designed to connect people, technologies, and data to address today’s toughest challenges and tightest timeframes.

Where Simulation, HPC, and AI Converge

As the pace of innovation accelerates, Altair is helping companies use digital twins, intelligent models, and the convergence of simulation, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and optimize system outcomes. Learn how to access all Altair solutions with Altair One™ and Altair Units.

Altair One®

Altair One®

Cloud Innovation Gateway

Altair® HyperWorks®

Altair® HyperWorks®

Design and Simulation Platform

Altair® HPCWorks®

Altair® HPCWorks®

HPC and Cloud Platform

Altair® RapidMiner®

Altair® RapidMiner®

Data Analytics and AI Platform

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This is Altair One

Accelerate innovation with unlimited access to software and HPC resources.

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Otis Mobility Transforms R&D and Product Optimization with Altair One™

Otis Mobility is the global leader in elevators and related equipment, designing and manufacturing mobility technology found in buildings all over the world. When managing the cost of a small high-performance computing (HPC) cluster became too much, they looked to the cloud to address their biggest challenges: product development for safety, efficiency and performance, and standardizing product development. With Altair One™, users have access to a collaborative platform with essential simulation solvers and scalable cloud HPC resources to get results quickly and efficiently.


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Altair Cloud Capabilities

Supporting every workload, in any moment, everywhere, Altair is the one-stop shop for businesses navigating the complex HPC landscape in the cloud.

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