Barracuda Virtual Reactor by CPFD

Simulation Software for Fluidized Beds and Fluid-Particle Systems

Barracuda Virtual Reactor is a physics-based engineering software package that simulates the three-dimensional, transient, fluid-particle hydrodynamics, heat balance, and chemical reactions in industrial fluidized bed reactors and other fluid-particle systems. Virtual Reactor enables researchers and engineers working with fluid-particle processes to explore a range of ideas, reduce physical testing costs, and minimize development risk – all while accelerating commercialization, scale-up, and time to market. For clients who operate industrial units, Virtual Reactor allows engineers to determine the root cause of underperformance, reduce the risk of changes through virtual testing, and optimize solutions while maximizing reliability, uptime, and regulatory compliance.

Why Barracuda Virtual Reactor?

Industrial Fluid-Particle Simulation

Simulate industrial scale fluid-particle processes to reduce turnaround risk and bring new technologies to market faster with higher confidence and lower costs.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Quickly set up models with an intuitive GUI and post-processor, leveraging GPU computing to accelerate complex simulations of thermal, reacting processes.

World-Class Support

APA usage includes full access to CPFD Software’s vast support resources including live assistance from their world-renowned support team.

Key Features

Discrete Particle Properties

Simulates the full particle size distribution and other discrete properties for each particle (temperature, composition, residence time, history, etc.).

Full Range of Solid Loadings

Robust solution of all particle volume fractions, from fully dilute to close-packed in the same model, allowing simulation of full circulation loops.

Coupled Thermal and Multiphase Reactions

Captures the coupled fluid-particle hydrodynamics, heat transfer and multiphase chemical reactions in fluidized bed reactors and other fluid-particle systems.

Built for Industry

Models transient behavior in industrial scale units, with complex internals and quadrillions of particles, within industrial time constraints.

Scalable GPU and Multi-GPU Acceleration

Allows one-click parallelization selection at runtime. Get started with CPU processing or accelerate 50x, 100x, or 1000x+ using GPU and multi-GPU systems.

Powerful, Extensible Post-Processing

Includes Tecplot for Barracuda post-processing as well as raw data output for more detailed analysis or scripting automation.