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Aerospace Takes Cautious Approach to Data Analytics and AI

In this infographic, compiled from statistics from the 2023 Frictionless AI Global Survey Report, discover how the global aerospace industry is adopting and implementing enterprise-scale data analytics and AI initiatives, and what common sources of friction are currently hindering or preventing existing processes.


Aerospace takes cautious approach to data analytics and AI.27% of aerospace respondents consider themselves AI leaders.52% say a third or more of AI projects failed within past two years.44% of respondents think their leaders aren't allocating enough resources.Do you trust the accuracy of your organization's analytics?The aero sector is most concerned with threats and managing AI risk.Organizational friction list as top AI roadblock.Lack of AI-specific skills within organization.Aerospace industry values internal AI skills more than any other industry.Aerospace teams suffer from communication issues.AI is also helping address organizational friction.Altair commissioned an independent, international online survey.


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