Internet of Things (IoT)

In a world of smart, connected everything, Altair empowers you to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate innovation and unlock business value. Leveraging our dynamic toolset you can deploy edge compute clusters, train and execute machine learning models, implement complex application business logic, perform data transforms, visualize real-time data, and much more. We give you the building blocks for your digital transformation to get moving fast, scale quickly, and continue to improve over time.

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Internet of Things applications helps you overcome fundamental hurdles

Device Management

Out of the box, Altair's device management helps you overcome fundamental hurdles in IoT development, from reliable, secure, two-way device communication to easy, efficient device organization and modeling. Altair's device management provides optimized workflows for connecting to thousands of devices, creating a virtual representations of those devices, and then organizing them into logical groups. Spend less time on busy work – instead, accelerate your provisioning process so you can focus on providing the best possible experience to your customers.

Internet of things,  provides a powerful platform for managing these nuances

Edge Orchestration

Edge application orchestration can be a complex, nuanced problem – edge compute loads encounter complications ranging from uncommunicative devices, to specialized target hardware requiring specific builds, to mission critical applications running out of hardware resources. Edge orchestration provides a powerful platform for managing these nuances so that you can build automation and execute logic close to devices, without making the round trip to the cloud. For you, that means reduced latency, saving on data transfer costs, and new, powerful intelligence where you need it most.

Data storage solutions help you to get the right amount of information.

Data Storage

Devices create a lot of data – ten thousand devices reporting just a few times a minute can create terabytes of data every month. Altair’s data storage solutions gives you a set of tools for efficiently, appropriately, and securely managing data from your devices so that you can extract the right insights and action from them. Store transformed data to be accessed in real-time, store raw data for long-term reference, and use our analytics service to query them intuitively so you can unearth trends or train machine learning models. Altair’s data storage solutions make sure you can get the right amount of information at the right time.


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For those companies looking to move fast, scale up and stay secure, Altair provides a powerful IoT software development platform.

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Stream processing, which helps you transform data streams

Stream Processing

Raw data from machines can be surprisingly unhelpful. Sometimes inscrutable, rarely where they need to be, and data from one network are almost never formatted the same as another. Additionally, and maybe worst of all, data doesn’t offer any conclusions about their own meaning. Altair’s comprehensive data visualization software and streaming analytics solutions help you solve these problems using a drag-and-drop interface and as little code as you want. With stream processing, you can transform and join data streams, add calculated columns, execute machine learning models, send alerts, convert values, and connect to dozens of different sources or destinations all on live, streaming data. In order to derive value from your asset data, you will almost certainly need to do some data massaging – Altair’s stream processing solutions can help you do it easily and scalably.

It allow you to extract useful information from your data sources as Internet of things applications.

Data Prep and Machine Learning

Altair's data prep and machine learning tools enable you to extract actionable information from your real-time and historical data sources in a code-free, secure environment. Our extensible platform supports automated data discovery, data transformation, machine learning, and visualization. Use these tools to optimize operations and develop accurate prescriptive responses to all the contingencies that can arise in your business. Make accurate predictions about component life, replacement requirements, energy use, maintenance, utilization, and other factors that directly impact quality, sales, customer acceptance, and efficiency. Never has it been easier to streamline operations or improve product performance.

Real-time dashboards are the most powerful way to put Internet of Things data

Real-time Dashboards

Truly real-time visualization is hard to come by. Many dashboard tools claim real-time capabilities, but they fail when put to the test: only one component will be real-time, or updates every minute, or the queries can be run on-demand but not automatically updated. Altair’s real-time dashboards are different. We offer down-to-the-second, automatically updating charts complete with with anomaly detection and user feedback functions. We built this offering to be truly real-time and embeddable from the ground up, which means you can see the data how you want, where you want, and fast enough to act quickly. Altair’s real-time dashboards are the most powerful, easiest way to put IoT data exactly where it's needed.

Embedded development environment helps you iterate your code fast

Embedded Development Environment

Embedded development for IoT has many unique considerations. Peripheral programming, distinctive communication protocols, battery life awareness, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and tough security are all frequent requirements in IoT embedded development. Altair® Embed® addresses each of these concerns – it enables you to build and validate reliable embedded systems via simulation or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL). Embed has built-in support for easy cloud or device communication, battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) tracking, battery charge optimization, secure OTA firmware updates, and encrypted data transmission. It helps you iterate your code fast, improve system efficiency, and reduce the embedded system attack surface. With Embed, you can be confident your embedded system is production-ready.

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