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APA is the Perfect Fit for Geomechanica’s Advanced Rock Mechanics Solver

Irazu is the first dedicated geomechanics simulation software solver available via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Designed and developed by Geomechanica to help overcome challenging rock mechanics problems, it offers compelling benefits for engineers working in the mining, oil and gas, civil engineering, and nuclear waste disposal industries. 

Irazu is a versatile 2D/3D finite-discrete element software package. Within a single platform, it integrates various multi-physics solvers and advanced features. Enabling fast, high fidelity analysis of large deformations, fracturing, stability, and coupled processes in rock masses, typical Irazu applications include excavations, slope stability, tunnelling, dynamic analysis, mining, and reservoir geomechanics. 

“Our clients simply cannot afford to take chances,” said Omid Mahabadi, CEO of Geomechanica. “Irazu shows them what to expect next.”

As Mahabadi explains, Irazu represents an ideal partner for several other tools within the APA environment. In particular, engineers employed in the natural resources sector will now be able to draw on a number of truly comprehensive simulation solutions. 

“Joining the APA puts Irazu alongside the powerful Altair HyperMesh 3D meshing tool, further enhancing the experience for many of our existing users. At the same time, users of Altair EDEM for bulk and granular simulation now have seamless access to a powerful solver for other aspects of their operations. What’s more, when partnered with Altair Geomechanics Director, Irazu offers the APA community a full geomechanics earth modeling solution.”

Geomechanica customers across a number of different industries are demonstrating the benefits that can be reaped by employing Irazu. For example, in the nuclear waste disposal sector, better analysis of tunnels is resulting in safer, more environmentally sensitive underground excavations. In the mining industry, better understanding of the performance of open pit mine slopes and rock runoffs is facilitating safer and more cost-effective operations. And in the world of academia, Irazu is supporting cutting-edge research at top institutions around the world. 

The full range of Geomechanica software now available via the APA encompasses Irazu 2D/3D, Irazu 2D/3D Hydro, Irazu 2D/3D Thermo and Irazu 2D/3D Suite. To dig a little deeper into their features and benefits register for our free introductory webinar on  August 11.