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Altair Welcomes TICRA to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair welcomes TICRA, a new partner, to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Within the APA, TICRA will offer a variety of electromagnetic solvers and antenna design tools built for special applications, including:

  • GRASP: Reflector antennas
  • CHAMP 3D: Passive microwave devices and horn antennas
  • ESTEAM: Antenna placement, Radar Cross Section (RCS) and general antenna design
  • QUPES: Reflectarrays, transmitarrays, and frequency-selective surfaces
  • POS: Reflector shaping and array optimization with non-linear power constraints
  • SATSOFT: Satellite planning and coverage, featuring an optional payload antenna add-on that assists payload planning for satellites in geostationary orbit

With TICRA solutions, APA customers can utilize solvers dedicated to very specific applications that allow them to obtain results in a fraction of the time it takes with more general-purpose solutions. For instance, GRASP can analyze a typical reflector antenna in just a couple of seconds, whereas it may take a general simulation tool several hours. Overall, Altair customers will be able to simulate and design larger antennas than what’s possible with other tools. The standalone products GRASP, CHAMP 3D, ESTEAM, QUPES, and POS are all available in the unified TICRA Tools framework, thus prompting a seamless integration when using several of these simultaneously. TICRA Tools’ efficiency also helps users create more optimized designs by allowing users to explore more degrees of freedom. TICRA’s solutions are especially valuable in the aerospace and telecommunications industries, where the demand for precise, optimized designs is more pronounced than in other industry segments. 

Competitive reflector antenna systems design and analysis with GRASP.

Waveguide component analysis and design with CHAMP 3D.

Platform scattering analysis for antennas mounted on satellites with ESTEAM.

Founded in 1971, TICRA is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and specializes in solving all types of electrically large antenna and radiation problems, including for satellite platforms and array antennas. In 1976, TICRA developed GRASP, which was the world’s first commercial reflector antenna code at the time. GRASP has since evolved to become the fastest, most effective tool for reflector antenna modelling and scattering analysis. In addition to software products, TICRA also offers consultancy services and participates in the development of new antenna technology, in particular via development contracts funded by the European Space Agency.

To learn more about TICRA and its suite of software tools, register for an introductory webinar here.