Altair® Panopticon™

Comprehensive Data Visualization and Streaming Analytics

Delays in decision-making are costly in time-critical businesses like manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and energy.

Waiting for end-of-day reports means you’re likely to miss profitable opportunities or fail to respond to threats to smooth operations, regulatory compliance, or profitability until it’s much too late.

Panopticon lets business users, analysts, and engineers — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated data visualization and stream processing applications with a drag-and-drop interface. They can connect to virtually any data source, including big data sources, SQL and NoSQL databases, message queues; develop complex event processing programs; and design visual user interfaces that give them the perspectives they need to make insightful, fully informed decisions based on massive amounts of data.

Why Panopticon?

Data Visualization software, panopticon providing a high-density information

Visualize Time-critical Data

Panopticon provides a broad range of high-density information visualizations designed to foster intuitive comprehension of complex data. Identify correlations, clusters, trends, exceptions, and anomalies in seconds.

Data visualization supports AWS, Azure, Google cloud, and oracle cloud.

Multiple Deployment Options

Panopticon supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, and is fully compatible with containerized cloud implementations using Docker. Users can also implement Panopticon on-premises to support any unique security requirements.

Connecting panopticon to any data source.

Connect to Any Data Source

Panopticon supports native connectors for all common data sources, including SQL and NoSQL databases, big data repositories, flat files, real-time message queues like MQTT and Kafka, and specialized time series databases — with no coding or middleware needed.

Key Features

Enterprise Class Data Exploration

Understand the structure, interrelationships, causal links, and outliers in your data. Get a comprehensive view of your operations from every angle. Develop and share dashboards and reporting screens securely throughout the enterprise.

Code-free Development

Build analytical dashboards and stream processing applications with a point-and-click user interface. Respond quickly to changing business requirements, reduce risk and cost, and deploy new applications and dashboards in minutes.

Advanced Analysis & Complex Data Visualization

Create smart dashboards and generate charts automatically based on data source keywords. Visualize complex datasets using automatic machine learning and predictive models, including “best fit” or “bring-your-own” models, without leaving the user interface.

Visualize Real-time Data

Panopticon's data visualization software can handle high velocity/high volume data from multiple streams and make on-the-fly comparisons with historical time series data. Zoom in to the nanosecond timestamp if needed. Rewind and play back data streams for retrospective analysis.

Proactive Alerts

Set up new alerts quickly and specify whether the designated users will receive alerts on their screens, via email, and/or with sounds. Define alerts using data from streaming data sources, including CEP engines, real-time message queues, and/or historical data stored in virtually any kind of database.

Embed Visual Analytics in Any Application

Panopticon's data visualization software makes it easy to embed its charts, dashboards, and reports within the context of business applications by supporting single sign-on (SSO), automated embed link generation, and cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

See Panopticon in Action

  1. Fast Visual Analytics for Capital Markets
  2. Monitor and Analyze Real-Time Data from Oil and Gas Drilling Operations
  3. Monitor and Analyze Telemetry from Wind Farms
  4. Monitor Performance of a Trucking Fleet
  5. Analyze Real-time Telemetry from Formula 1 Cars

Example Use Cases

Real-time Risk Monitoring


Monitor IoT Sensors


Monitor Smart Meters


Monitor ATM Performance


Analyze Aggregated Client FX Flow


Monitor Equity Trading in Real-time