ATCx AI for Engineers 2023

Succeed in the Age of Generative Design & AI

Below is the collection of presentations from the ATCx AI for Engineers 2023 virtual event. Learn more on how generative design and AI can help breakdown data silos and extract actionable insights to drive real business value.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on screen: CN, KR, JP, ES, and PT.

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Featured Presentations

AI for Engineers: AI and Engineering are no longer Mutually Exclusive
Michael Larner | Research Director, ABI Research

Are Engineers the Better Data Scientists? How to Accelerate AI Adoption
Dr. Ingo Mierswa | Senior Vice President, Product Development, Altair

Panel Discussion: Changing the Pace of Manufacturing Transformation through Generative AI & LLM's​
Moderator: Anthony McLoughlin | VP, Sales Data Analytics & AI, Aerospace, Altair
Panelists: Naresh R. Jasotani | AI/ML Innovations Lead - Automotive, Google Cloud
Dr. Ingo Mierswa | Senior Vice President, Product Development, Altair
Mark Do Couto | Senior Vice President, Data Analytics, Altair
Mahshid Shirani | Data Science Manager, Altair

Preparing for the Future Workforce: Upskilling and Enabling Engineers in AI
Ralf Klinkenberg | Senior Director, Data Science, Research, Analytics and IoT Development, Altair



AI-Powered Virtual Product Development
Dr.-Ing. Mortiz Frenzel | Techncial Director, Engineering Data Science, Altair

Developing Winning Designs for Bicycle Racing Using CFD and Machine Learning
Naoto Tominaga | Supervisor, Garment Development, DESCENTE

Leveraging Design Exploration and ML in Multi-disciplinary Applications
Dr. Diana Mavrudieva | Manager, GTT EDS, Altair

PhysicsAI – The Convergence of Geometric Deep Learning and CAE
Dr. Jonathan Ollar | Product Manager, EDS Products, Altair

Fast Evaluation via AI Big Data on Server Design
Dr. Rex Kao I Assistant Manager, Wistron Corporation

The Age of Digital Twins

Digital Twin Recipe: The Ingredients of a Smart, Connected Ecosystem
Alice Ristorto | Solutions Specialist - Data Analytics, Altair

Exploring the Power of Digital Twins in Data and Product Development
Livio Mariano | Director, Global Business Development, Simulation and Digital Twin, Altair

Phygital Revolution: Embracing a Smarter, More Integrated Way of Physical-Digital Fusion
Ashish Khushu | Chief Technology Officer (CTO), L&T Technology Services (LTTS)

Democratizing AI in Manufacturing

Democratizing Data Science: Empowering Enterprises with a Data-Driven Approach
Marco Fliesser | Technical Director Data Analytics EMEA, Altair

Amplifying an Engineer’s Potential Through AI
Pradeep Kumar | Vice President, AI Competency, Tech Mahindra

Enabling Data Science at Avery Dennison to Lower the Cost of Production
Karan Bedi | Senior Digital Innovation Lead, Avery Dennison

Accelerating the Use of Machine Learning in R&D Departments
Ryo Kato I Senior Scientist, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC)

AI for Aerospace

Data Science for Engineers: Making Use of Aerospace Telemetry Data
Jeffrey Chowaniec Jr. | Data Scientist for Aerospace, Altair

Machine Learning and AI Applications to Support Digital Engineering and Digital Twin Aerospace Applications
Dr. Gerardo Olivares I Senior Research Scientist & Director, NIAR, Wichita State University


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