Cloud and Hybrid Computing

Why work in a closet when you can work in the cloud? On-premises hardware has a flexibility problem, and rigidity can limit your thinking. Which brings us to the beauty of the cloud. Limitless potential. Epic proportions of creativity. From semiconductors to financial services to manufacturing, our powerful cloud solutions deliver a faster time-to-solution and to-market with superior product quality. No closet, no ceiling, just plenty of room for blue sky thinking.


Rapid Chip Design in the Cloud

Find out how Amazon's Annapurna Labs uses Altair's license-first approach to scheduling to enhance resource management.

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Hybrid Cloud on Demand

No waiting in queues or fighting for licenses. When on-premises workload volume peaks, burst to your favorite cloud provider – or multiple cloud providers – to handle fluctuating workloads with ease. For end users, advanced remote visualization and intuitive job submission portals make leveraging HPC and cloud resources possible from anywhere.

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Turnkey HPC and Cloud Appliances

Engineers, researchers and designers are turning to HPC to get to the answers faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Altair boxes up the power of HPC without the complexity in turnkey physical or virtual cloud appliances that make it possible for your team to realize the power of HPC on day one.

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Explore Further with Altair One™

Altair One makes it easy to access the tools of innovation on any device, run jobs and visualize data anywhere, and accelerate engineering with HPC – all in one platform. Users get a collaborative experience and administrators keep the needle moving forward with a single view into the entire computing infrastructure.

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Cloud Automation and Migration

Boost efficiency, reduce cloud costs, and improve time-to-results by combining sophisticated automation with cloud spend management. Altair® NavOps® helps enterprises migrate compute-intensive HPC workloads to the cloud and provides real-time insights and complete visibility into cloud resources.

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Hybrid Cloud Application Monitoring

Unlock the benefits of hybrid could: flexible compute that can be tuned to match application needs, rapid prototyping capabilities and agile deployment, sandboxing for problem workloads, and managed services that leave you time to innovate. The Altair Mistral™ platform allows you to plan rather than react.

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Software and Network Dependencies

Make your engineers I/O experts with Altair Breeze™ enabling them to quickly solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies. Identifying good and bad I/O means easy wins including fixing problems, understanding storage requirements, and optimizing your cloud migration strategy.

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Scale Up and Access Anywhere

Altair makes cloud bursting to and between your favorite providers easier than ever with an intuitive bursting GUI built right into the Altair® PBS Professional® scheduler. Scale to meet real-time demand, only pay for what you need and cut down time to market. Burst to different cloud platforms including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customize security policies, role-based access, cost criteria, and more.

For end users, Altair® Access™ provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for remote visualization and submitting and monitoring HPC jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources. With Access, your team gets HPC that works from home – and from anywhere – on desktop, web or mobile.

Featured Resources

Data Discipline: Managing Engineering Data for AI-powered Engineering

The advancements in the fields of AI and ML, combined with the increased availability of robust simulation, testing, and field data sets has made engineering data science a critical component of the modern product development lifecycle, but in order to extract maximum value from these exciting tools, companies need a plan to store, manage, and utilize their data efficiently. They need data discipline

Technical Document
Future.Industry 2023 HPC presentation

Journey to the Cloud

Rick Watkins, Altair, guides us through the journey to the cloud discussing benefits, obstacles and how companies on different maturity level can adopt. It's a matter of cost control, security and accessibility.

Presented as part of Altair's 2023 Future.Industry conference.

Future.Industry 2023

Optimizing Process Design at Renault - Faster and Easier Rim Optimization using Altair Inspire and HPC

As the traditional optimization process at Renault required many iterations, simulation engineer involvement, and a considerable amount of time, the company was looking for tools and methods to improve this process. They wanted to implement a new, easy-to-use simulation tool that would allow non-experts, part-time analysts, and designers to gain insight and accurate results in early design phases of Renault chassis projects. With the goal to enable designers to run simulation by themselves without being dependent on the engineer’s calculations, the team began using Altair Inspire. The implementation on the Altair HPC platform enabled the engineers to send their highly complex calculations to the HPC server while running calculations on their workstation. The results included time savings, an 80% increase in process automation and mass reduction up to 20%.

Customer Stories

How Key Technologies are Converging for a Smarter, More Connected World

The future of smart, connected product development is where data analytics, simulation, and high-performance computing converge to a unified discipline, sometimes referred to as Computational Science and Engineering. How far away is the future? When will broad adoption start? What does it mean for you? To answer these questions, CIMdata collaborated with Altair to survey business leaders, technologists, researchers, and the global development community for insights into our future smarter, more connected world.

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