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Accelerate your Development time with Open and Accessible Model-Based Development at the 2018 Global ATC

As evidenced by the agenda for this year’s Global ATC in Paris, France, more and more engineers are interested in Altair’s Model-Based Development technology, and many HyperWorks clients are already deriving value from it.
On Day 1, over 80 participants are already registered for the workshop focused on using Altair Compose™ to perform engineering calculations, post-process CAE or test data, plot results, and create scripts to enable process automation. Altair engineers will also share some of their specific, real-world applications for Compose to complement the presentation and demos about the tool’s general capabilities.

As a multi-language environment, Compose can co-exist with in-house scripts and calculations done with Excel, MATLAB®, Octave, Python or Tcl/Tk – and it nicely complements (and possibly can replace) utility codes written in C++ or Fortran, allowing for easier maintenance and wider access by more engineering stakeholders in an organization.
On Day 3, we have a full set of impressive customer presentations planned for the Model-Based Development track.  Many of these presentations are based on successful use of Altair Activate™ – the open and extensible, multi-disciplinary systems simulation platform – involving (1) co-simulations with other HyperWorks products such as Altair MotionSolve™ and Altair Flux™; as well as (2) model and/or data exchanges with other 3rd-party products in the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) such as CarSim and ModelCenter. These system models & simulations are enabling companies to move their way up the left side of the V-diagram (shown below) such that they can do more Concept Design work earlier in the product development lifecycle.
During conference breaks, we will also have 2 Live Demo Stations tended by Technical Specialists showcasing examples involving Altair Activate™ and Altair Embed™ and answering questions about those products.  Stop by to see a demonstration of an inherently unstable inverted pendulum illustrating the result of co-simulating the 1D controller model developed in Activate with the 3D multi-body mechanical plant model developed in MotionSolve.  Rumor has it that you might also see a fun, Arduino-powered, autonomous, line-tracking robot-car featuring C code auto-generated from controller diagrams constructed with Embed!
So we have a lot of valuable MBD-focused things for you to see, do, & learn at the 2018 ATC in Paris this month. Especially if you cannot join us in The City of Lights, I invite you to learn more about the recent, special 2019 release of Altair’s Model-Based Development (MBD) products here. Professional Editions of Altair’s three MBD products will continue to be available for commercial applications. But now, in support of our quest to make MBD more accessible and free for everyone, we have introduced new, no-cost Basic Editions of Altair Compose, Activate, & Embed.
Download your free MBD apps from the Altair Basic Editions portal today!
Learn more about ATC 2018 and join us in Paris