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Credit Unions Improved Operational Efficiency, Collaboration and Gained Analytic Insights by Making Data Preparation the Linchpin of Their Data Strategy

More than 800 Credit Unions turn to Altair to streamline creation of actionable insights and valuable analyses out of the abundance of data they collect every day about their members and their operations. Credit Union Management Magazine (CUES) recently published an article “Leveraging an Analysis Tool” by Richard Gamble that put the spotlight on two Credit Unions (Vermont State Employees Credit Union and Schools Financial Credit Union) and the cutting-edge data strategies they’ve successfully executed on, with the help of Altair.
Tom Kuang, VP/Technology/CTO at Schools Financial Credit Union, commented on the value of Altair saying “…we can upload data from multiple sources into models and automatically generate reports in repeatable processes. We don’t have to hand-crank monthly reports any more. The data was always there, but it wasn’t very useful without a lot of manual work. Now we have a tool that can structure it and give us access to useful insights quickly.” Altair solutions have a combination of innovative machine-learning technology, data governance and collaboration features that uniquely positions them to empower every individual, department and organization to intelligently tap into more trusted data and drive faster analytical insight.
Altair has become a critical tool for Vermont State Credit Union’s data strategy as well. Katherine Cummings, Senior Accountant and Senior Systems Accounting Analyst, said “we’re using Altair aggressively in accounting and spreading the word to other departments. This will allow us to work with sales and marketing to help them use data analysis to shape informed campaigns.” Leveraging Altair beyond the needs of financial departments is becoming a trend - it’s a platform that provides significant value across entire organizations. Altair is the first data preparation and analytics platform that fully satisfied team and enterprise-level data intelligence needs. Departments can now trust one another’s data sets and leverage them within their own business unit.
Altair has expanded beyond its data preparation and analysis platform, to include predictive visualization capabilities as well due to Knowledge Studio. Dylan Tancill, Director of Banking and Credit Union Sales at Altair, noted how “the two products can work in tandem… Knowledge Studio could channel Altair Monarch-processed data into a decision-making dashboard that provides a 360-degree picture of relationships.” Altair is a true one-stop-shop, equipping Credit Unions with the ability to prep, predict, and visualize their data strategy in one platform.
We are honored to be featured in this article and pleased two of our valued customer success stories were highlighted. Vermont State Employees Credit Union and Schools Financial Credit Union are only two among many Altair success stories, and we would encourage you to hear more of what our Credit Union customers have to say.

Article source originally published in Credit Union Management magazine: