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Future.HPC 2022: Five Key Presentations You Might’ve Missed

In case you missed it, Future.HPC 2022 took place on May 17-18 and brought with it an astounding amount of insight, expertise, and foresight regarding the current and future landscape of high-performance computing (HPC). Throughout the event, industry leaders shared their experience to give attendees unmatched insight into the forces shaping tomorrow’s most powerful technology, including exascale and cloud computing, big data infrastructure, cutting-edge software and hardware solutions, and more. 

To get you up to speed on what you may have missed at Future.HPC 2022, below are the top five presentations that will cover the basics in the world of HPC. 

1. "Altair HPC: Scaling for the Future"

The first key presentation comes from two of Altair’s own – Jim Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, and Joe Sorovetz, senior vice president of enterprise solutions. Listen in as they describe how Altair’s HPC offerings have evolved and expanded throughout the past three decades, and how today, Altair’s robust HPC technology covers users whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, or operating in a hybrid environment. In addition, learn how Altair One empowers HPC users like never before through its turnkey functionalities that let users access any workload, anytime, anywhere.

Key takeaway: “We have tools for users, we have tools for administrators, and we have tools for everyone in between.” (Joe Sorovetz)

2. "Harnessing the Great Acceleration"

The next key presentation comes from Greg Williams, deputy global editorial director, WIRED Magazine. In his discussion, he talks about how the pandemic has upended the traditional flow of business, how it made people and organizations rethink their definition of “progress,” and how supercomputing lies at the heart of tomorrow’s biggest innovations. Some of these key innovations revolve around automation, Web3, healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and geopolitical and economic trends.

Key takeaway: “How we fare in this rapidly-evolving ecosystem isn’t going to be determined by technology, it’s going to be determined by human ingenuity – how we collaborate, how creative we are in challenging our assumptions about ‘business as usual,’ and ultimately, how we embrace change.”

3. "Three Trends Shaping the Future of HPC"

Listen in as Google’s Bill Magro, chief technologist of high-performance computing, discusses the three major trends shaping the coming years and decades of HPC: the global race to exascale, advanced (and still advancing) AI and deep learning software, and the ever-expanding world of cloud computing.

Key takeaway: “These trends are providing tremendous opportunity and will continue [do so so] going forward. It’s not without challenges, but the good news is that these challenges are being met head-on and we have a bright future ahead of us.”

4. "HPC in Weather and Climate"

As climate change continues to transform our world, advanced HPC systems will play a vital role in tracking, analyzing, simulating, and predicting worldwide weather systems and other atmospheric phenomena. In this roundtable discussion, hear climate and computing experts discuss how organizations can maximize their HPC resources to streamline and shorten research timelines, maintain critical system uptime, maximize storage and I/O optimization, and more.

Key takeaway: “[Machine learning in weather forecasting] is huge – the number of research projects, the number of academic papers, the amount of activity in this area is huge. There are a lot of things it can do really well.” (Dr. Ilene Carpenter, earth scientist segment manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprises)

5. "Powering New Possibilities in the Cloud"

Lastly, hear Binay Ackalloor, director of HPC and AI/cloud, Intel, discuss how cloud computing and HPC go hand-in-hand, and how Intel is empowering users to innovate, connect, and collaborate. Additionally, hear how AI can bolster HPC capabilities and allow users to speed development cycles, produce and interpret reports faster, and take control over their product lifecycle management (PLM) strategies.

Key takeaway: “There’s a lot more to [HPC] performance than any one piece of technology. [A successful] HPC environment stands on multiple legs, and these pillars must be strong on their own as well as strong together.”

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