Altair Global Technology Conference 2020

Whether an engineer or designer or IT director or data scientist, there’s an explorer in each of us. At the intersection where data analytics, simulation, and high-performance computing converge, the 12th Annual Global Altair Technology Conference (ATC) is where we brought together the brightest minds around the world to share breakthrough digital discoveries and industry-first innovations, all while continuing to explore solutions for a smarter, more connected world.

Below is the collection of presentations from the Global ATC 2020 Virtual Event.

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Hear from our Keynote Speakers

The Future of Engineering Education
Dr. Mary Boyce
Dean Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University

The Future Needs Computational Science and Engineering
Professor Karen Willcox
Director of the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

The Future of AI is Empathetic
Dr. Rana el-Kaliouby
Co-founder and CEO, Affectiva

Altair Featured Speakers

It’s Time to Stop Operating in the Margins and Harness the Full Potential of Simulation Dr. Royston Jones, CTO

The Future of Design, Simulation and Optimization
Dr. Ming Zhou, Senior Vice President, Software Development

The Future of Smart Devices
Peter Darnell, VP, Software Development

Analytics in a No-Code World
Mark Do Couto, VP Worldwide Data Analytics Outside Sales

The Future of HPC
Dr. Bill Nitzberg, CTO, PBS Works

The Future of Operational Analysis
Bruce Zulu, Director of Technical Support, Panopticon

Complementing State of the Art Simulation Methods with Highly Specialized Solutions under Altair’s Partner Alliance for Multidisciplinary Learning
Dr. Armin Veitl, Senior Director Global Academic Programs

Panel Discussions

Data Driven Enterprise
Joshua Patterson, Sr. Director of Engineering, NVIDIA
Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO, BARC
Juan Orlandini, Chief Architect, Cloud and Data Center Transformation, Insight
Carsten Buchholz, Capability Lead Structural Systems Design, Rolls Royce
Sam Mahalingam, CTO, Altair

Applying Digital Twin
Tony Shakib, Partner/GM, Microsoft Azure IoT
Prof. Karen Willcox, University of Texas at Austin
Jim Morrish, Founder and CEO, Transforma Insights
James Dagg, CTO, Altair

The Future of Technology... Transforming Knowledge to Solutions
Dr. Rana el-Kaliouby, Affectiva
Dr. Mary Boyce, Dean Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University
Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird, Founder, Affreecar
Jason Williamson, Vice President, Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research
Ubaldo Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Altair

Healthcare and Our Well-being

Pursuing the Human Digital Twin: Personalized Medicine and Medical Devices
Dr. Mark Palmer, Distinguished Scientist, Medtronic

Simulation in the Field of Implantable Cardiovascular Devices
Steven Ford, Principal Engineer, Edwards Lifesciences

Integrating Simulation and 3D Printing to Develop Patient Specific Medical Devices
Dr. Scott J. Hollister, Director Center for 3D Medical Fabrication, GA Tech

The Role of Simulation in Medical Device Innovation
Dr. Venkat Perumal, Stryker Global Technology Center

Cleaner, Faster, and Safer Mobility

Ducati Digital Process Innovation
Stefano Rendina, IT Manager, Ducati

Safety and Lightweight of Electric Vehicles: From the Lithium-ion Battery Perspective
Dr. Jun Xu, Asst. Prof. Dir. of Vehicle Energy & Safety Laboratory (VESL), The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Smarter Decision Making Driven By Technology

Technology-driven Decisions and the Importance of Expertise
Kevin Kirtley, Executive Lead, GE Aviation Advanced Design Tools, GE Aviation

Convergence of Engineering and Data Science
Carsten Buchholz, Capability Lead Structural Systems Design, Rolls Royce

Climbing Data Mountains
Janet Grimsley, VP, Business Intelligence, The Fauquier Bank

Compare Model Attributes and Results between Variants and Document/Report Results​
Sagar Rajbhandari, Head of Airframe Models, Airbus

Work and Life: Connected and Augmented

Using LED Lighting to Unlock Data
Daniel Hollenkamp Jr., Chief Operating Officer, Toggled

CNH Industrial Paves the Way for the Evolution of Numerical Simulations in the Era of Autonomous Driving Testing in Agriculture
Gennaro Monacelli, Global Senior Director at CNH Industrial

Academic Track

Re-imagining Industry Academia Technology Partnerships in the New Normal
Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Shahir Liew, Institution: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Project Based Learning in Partnership with University and Industry
Dr. Christian Götz, DHBW Stuttgart

Virtual Project-Based Learning Involving CAE
Clive Hands, Lecturer, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Startup Track

Inc. Magazine Interview: From Start-up to Publicly Traded, Lessons I Learned Along the Way
Jim Scapa, CEO and Founder, Altair
Burt Helm, Editor-at-large, Inc. Magazine

Afreecar: Empowering the Whole World
Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird, Founder, Afreecar LLC

Modelling and the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Dr. Fernando Muzzio, Rutgers University

The Future of...