High Performance Alternative SAS Language Environment

Altair provides the tools you need to bring SAS language, Python, R, and other modern analytics technologies together into a coherent, future-proof platform. Choose cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure and simplify end-to-end analytics workflows from multiple siloed data processes. Streamline DevOps bottlenecks with easy deployment via web APIs and run critical SAS language programs alongside open-source languages within a single, manageable framework.


Break Down Language Barriers in Data Science

Learn how to combine business-critical SAS language applications with open-source languages including Python and R.

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Run Your Library of SAS Language Programs

Altair SLC™ makes it possible to run SAS language programs without licensing any third-party products. You can even run your existing programs without modification. Altair SLC customers report substantial cost savings and improved efficiency.

Complete Interactive Development Environment (IDE)

Altair Analytics Workbench™ includes an IDE/GUI for the SAS language, SQL, Python, and R coding, as well as a visual, drag-and-drop workflow development environment that lets users build sophisticated analytics programs for large data processes without needing to write any code.

Deploy and Govern

Use Altair SLC Hub™ to deploy programs developed in R, Python, SQL, the SAS language, or a combination of languages using a simple point-and-click interface. Administrators can then grant access to use these programs and models through browsers, web APIs, a Microsoft® Excel® plugin, and more. Altair SLC Hub governs access and controls credentials for defining and managing access to data sources and deployed analytics programs and models.

See how you can get more value out of your SAS language programs.

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Architecture Options and Requirements

Altair’s tools enable you to create, maintain, and run models and programs built using SQL, Python, R, and the SAS language on the infrastructure of your choice: cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. The software works with mainframes, Linux, Windows, and AIX servers or on workstations and laptops. Read this technical document for more details about supported architectures.

Cloud Deployment

Many organizations are looking to deploy at least part of their analytics infrastructure in the cloud. Altair’s architecture supports moving some or all complex extract-transform-load (ETL) operations to the cloud, reduces the risk of business-critical applications failing, enhances change management in production environments, and integrates on-premises analytics with cloud analytics.

By supporting a hybrid environment, Altair enables organizations to migrate to the cloud in a controlled way and allows you to maintain business-critical applications on-premises while testing and moving to cloud platforms.

Combine Local and Remote Program Execution

It can be advantageous to run different parts of a program on different servers. For example, you may have a reporting application that needs to extract and summarize large amounts of data prior to merging and analysis. Extraction and summarization routines typically run more efficiently on hosts that are storing the data. A different host can then handle further processing and report distribution.

Altair SLC can use multiple platforms. For example, you can install Altair SLC on a Windows workstation and use it to control remote instances running on Linux servers and mainframes — in the cloud or on-premises. This configuration is optimal for automated, on-demand, and scheduled operations.

Migrate Quickly

Altair’s proven migration approach empowers big organizations to complete migrations in just three to six months. Smaller organizations can migrate even quicker.

First, we use Altair’s code analysis tool to scan through the syntax and language used within each of your existing programs and produces a compatibility report. Watch this video to see how the code analysis process works.

We then work with you to test and evaluate the function and performance of your library of existing SAS language programs using Altair software and complete the deployment on your chosen architecture. 

For most organizations, 95% or more of their SAS language programs will require no modifications and can begin running with Altair SLC immediately. Using reports generated during the code analysis, your team can focus on making any changes required to complete the migration.

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