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We were young once, too. More than 35 years ago, we were a small, enterprising startup looking to change the world. We know what it’s like to dream big because that’s what we do every day. We know that big dreams present big challenges. We understand that turning dreams into reality takes a little help, which is why we’ve created the Altair Startup Program. Our tailored packages for product development, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), aerospace startups, and high-performance computing (HPC) help you innovate, reduce development times, lower costs, and solve your toughest challenges.

*Consultancies and startups in engineering services are ineligible for the Altair Startup Program.

Man showing 3D printed part to woman at laptop computer

Altair Smart Product Development Package

The Altair Smart Product Development package is a three-year package tailored for startups in product development. Whether you're developing smart connected products, components for e-motors, renewable energy solutions, industrial machinery, or verifying a design for manufacturability, we can help.

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Altair Data Intelligence Package

The Altair Data Intelligence package is a two-year package designed for startups in any industry – including fintech, energy, healthcare, marketing, and others – seeking DA and AI solutions. It includes access to all of Altair’s DA and AI solutions as well as online training and support.

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Aerospace Startup Acceleration Program

The Aerospace Startup Acceleration Program (ASAP) has been designed with the unique needs of the aerospace industry in mind. If you have to develop, test, and certify your minimum viable product (MVP) as soon as possible without financial trade-offs, we can help.

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Altair Cloud/HPC Starter Package

The Altair Cloud/HPC Starter package is a two-year package tailored for startups with VLSI engineering teams. This package includes access to Altair Accelerator™, a best-in-class, high-throughput job scheduling solution that meets the complex demands of semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) teams. It also includes access to Altair Monitor™, a license tracking tool that offers real-time insight into software availability, usage, job status, and more.

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