Using Altair Software for Structures

Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation, and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building. Whether big or small, our customers trust their decision making to Altair, the pioneer of simulation-driven design.

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Altair HyperWorks Model Build and Assembly - Parts, Subsystems and Connectors

Altair HyperWorks introduces new and efficient workflows to build and manage complex assemblies. In this example, we're starting from the complete BOM of a vehicle's body-in-white, showing how to manage individual parts and subsystems to generate an high-fidelity mesh in a few clicks.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Design Space Creation Workflow

Altair HyperWorks includes a new workflow to easily generate the design space for topology optimization and generate a smooth results interpretation with PolyNURBS. The use case demonstrated here shows a complete redesign of an engine cradle utilizing additive manufacturing.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Beam Modeling Workflow

Altair HyperWorks introduces a new workflow for beam modeling, particularly suited for GFEM of large aerospace structures along with many other applications.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Automotive Crash and Safety Workflow

The new Altair HyperWorks release includes workflows leveraging the model-as-a-menu paradigm to easily setup models for automotive crash analyses, including seatbelt routing, seat and dummy positioning, as well as pedestrial impact setup.

Use Cases

Altair SimLab - Fatigue Optimization

The latest release of Altair SimLab includes an automated workflow to setup a topology optimization study on components withstanding fatigue loads. The solution leverages Altair OptiStruct's capabilities and enables to setup, run and analysis the optimization results all within SimLab.

Use Cases
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