Altair® HyperWorks® 2024

The One and Only Best-In-Class CAE Design and Simulation Platform

Altair® HyperWorks®, the number one design and simulation platform, empowers engineers with a comprehensive suite of CAE software for a wide range of industries. By harnessing the power of computational science, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI), Altair HyperWorks 2024 builds on our vision of driving innovation for a safer, more connected, and more sustainable future. This latest version features significant advancements in AI-powered engineering and business, mechanical and electronics systems design, and simulation-driven design and optimization.


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Leading the Engineering User Experience

3D rendering of a lattice heat sink within a GPU highlighting how Altair Inspire 2024 revolutionizes design from concept to manufacturing.

Modern User Experience

Productivity is enhanced through a reinvented user experience with intuitive workflows, efficient design environments, game-changing photorealistic graphics for better visualization, and a common back-end data model.

3D rendering of a car hood showcasing Altair PhysicsAI's ability to perform design evaluations with AI-enabled physics predictions.

AI-Powered Engineering and Business

Providing the data backbone essential for AI enterprises, Altair makes advanced technology accessible by augmenting, embedding, and enabling AI within workflows. Our no-code/low-code data analytics and AI workflows deliver market-differentiating value through predictive analyses and data-driven insights, promoting collaboration between engineers and data scientists.

3D rendering of a PCB chip showing how Altair's Electronic System Design optimizes IC and package designs with multiphysics simulation for improved 3D IC reliability.

Open, Programmable Architectures

With support for Python and C++, Altair HyperWorks seamlessly integrates with over 250 CAD/ECAD systems, solvers, and file formats, eliminating interoperability bottlenecks and empowering engineers to customize the platform and automate repetitive tasks through extensive scripting capabilities.

Altair HyperWorks 2024 Highlights: Innovating with Every Release


One Source of Truth | Digital Twin and Digital Thread

Altair integrates digital twins and digital threads to create a digital engineering ecosystem, providing one source of truth that ensures engineers have access to the most accurate real-time data and models. The latest updates to Altair® Twin Activate™ enhance models’ accuracy and clarity and include customization and integration improvements that expedite the transition from concept to reality. Additionally, Altair® Material Data Center™ augments the design process by offering over 72,000 high-fidelity, CAE-ready material datasets, empowering alternative material exploration throughout the product development life cycle with one traceable digital thread.

Single-Click Geometric Deep Learning with Scalable HPC Resources

Leverage the full potential of Altair® physicsAI™ geometric deep learning with Altair One®. Effortlessly access scalable HPC and cloud resources by saving projects on Altair Drive and initiating training with a single click. Plus, our newly expanded suite of diagnostic tools empowers you to achieve superior model quality and performance.


Design with Efficiency: Python and Generative Design

Altair® HyperMesh® enhances productivity with Python API support, empowering users to automate routine tasks, tailor their CAE environment with custom plugins, integrate with other tools, and access a vast support network through the Python community. Advanced generative design in Design Explorer accelerates design exploration and iteration, significantly reducing design cycles and unlocking innovative solutions.

Electronic System Design Perfection

Altair® SimLab® accelerates electronics system design perfection. Through our Ultra Librarian partnership, you get faster, more accurate 3D PCB modeling. Effortless thermal analysis with “what-if” studies leverages real-world data from physicsAI models, making design of experiments (DOE) more efficient. You can predict and enhance PCB lifespan with fatigue life simulations, analyze electric motors using advanced multiphysics analysis, and simulate diverse materials to understand fluid flow dynamics.


Simulation-Driven Design and Optimization

Altair® Inspire™ reinforces its market-leading position as the most comprehensive simulation-driven design solution for design, performance analysis, and manufacturability. Starting with a sketch, build or edit geometries with parametric B-Rep solids, polyNURBS, facets, and implicit modeling, all within the same model. Features analysis tools for structural, fluids, and motion studies, complemented by designer-friendly computational physics for detailed analysis across various manufacturing processes. Inspire integrates powerful technologies like generative design and meshless simulation for rapid behavior prediction, maximizing design and manufacturing efficiency while ensuring top performance.


Meshless ECAD Simulation

Altair SimSolid® transforms mechanical and electronics systems into smart, connected realities – from requirements to embedded systems – with new solver capabilities for multidisciplinary electronics. Seamlessly transition from ECAD to simulation, optimizing the analysis of complex PCB and IC models without the need for traditional meshing or design simplifications.

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Discrete Element Modeling & Multibody Dynamics


Simulation Driven Design for Manufacturing

Structural Analysis

Systems Modeling

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