Increasing competition in a saturated market, improved network coverage, and shortening product life all make churn a principal sector concern. Using predictive analysis to identify high-risk customers in advance, our consultants provide timely information to support customer retention at key risk points for defection. These typically include:

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Low engagement
  • Handset selection
  • Upgrade

By providing insights into customer journeys, from acquisition to renewal, our models enable you to:

  • Monitor and predict customer behavior
  • Identify vulnerable high value customers

Apply our models to potential customers in advance for targeted messaging and appropriate level of resource against specific customer values. Generate detailed customer profiles with usage patterns and product preferences so you can benchmark against competitor packages and counter with bespoke offerings to individual customers.

Solution Capabilities

  • Empower staff to tailor response to individuals
  • Identify vulnerable, valuable customers
  • Enable targeted, timely offers to prevent defection
  • Ensure spend is targeted at highest potential return
  • Shape offers to be proportionate and competitive

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