Our models help clients define refined targeting profiles. We start with typical segment performance indicators for the sector:​

  • Segment size​
  • Average profitability
  • ​Propensity to churn​
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • ​Average tenure

Further micro-segmentation into smaller and homogenous sub-segments facilitates:​

  • Customer engagement​
  • Purpose (TV, VoD, recording, etc.)
  • Day of the week​
  • Time of day​
  • Channel (movies, sports, kids, news, etc.)
  • Number of products​

Leverage data insights at this micro-level with precise messaging and offers:​

  • Tailor packages to specific segments
  • ​Identify triggers indicating risk or opportunity
  • ​Improve customer response to promotional offers
  • ​Increase number of new customers per month
  • ​Increase retention and reduce churn

Solution Capabilities​

  • Identify common traits in behavioral activities, attitudes and loyalty to enable specific targeting​
  • Group customers into subsets so marketing and product bundling is deployed at a personalized level for maximum impact
  • Identify target segments for automated campaigns such as upselling or cross-selling, or campaigns to reduce churn probability

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