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Featured Presentations

Disrupt to Win: With Computational Innovation Intelligence
Jim Scapa | Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Altair

Driving Innovation
Stephanie Buckner | Chief Operating Officer, Altair

10 Must-Haves When Choosing an Enterprise AI Platform
Mike Gualtieri | VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

DEKA & ARMI Innovating Humanity: A Fireside Chat with Dean Kamen
Jim Scapa | Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Altair
Dean Kamen | Founder of DEKA R&D and FIRST

Creating a Sustainable Future by Fusing Biology with Technology
Dr Nina Gaißert | Corporate Portfolio Projects Festo SE & Co. KG

The Multimodal Frontier: Gemini and the Rise of Next-Generation Generative AI
Gregg Mattek | Head of AI Specialists - US Central, Canada & Startups, Google Cloud

Trends in the Semiconductor Market
Simon Segars | Board Director, Technology Executive, Former CEO of ARM

Altair Accelerating Digital Engineering
Sam Mahalingam | Chief Technology Officer, Altair

Revolutionizing Oral Healthcare: Exploring the Fusion of Digital Twin Technology with Data Analytics and Altair Radioss
Dr. Jingchao Sun | R&D Senior Director, iLittleMiracle

Machine Learning, Digital Thread, Optimization - Perspective from Boeing Structures
Dr. Vladimir Balabanov | Boeing Technical Fellow

Panel Discussions

Ethics in AI: Shaping Tomorrow's Technology
Sean Lang, Altair; Merve Hickok, Centre for AI & Digital Policy; Iman Saleh Moustafa, Google; Maria Luciana Axente, PwC; James Hodson, AI for Good Foundation; Heng Xu, University of Florida

Driving Sustainability Through Digital Innovation
Ismail Benhayoun, Altair; Dr. Cristina Alonso Alija, Bayer; Trinity Lloyd, Google Cloud

Inclusive Innovation: Amplifying Diverse Voices for Progress
Samantha Simmonds, BBC News; Jada​​​​ Smith, Karma Automotive LLC; Dr. Cristina Alonso Alija, Bayer; Alejandra Maldonado, Altair

Creating Tomorrow: Innovating with AI-powered Engineering
Dr. Fatma Kocer, Altair; Martin Ortega Breña, Mabe; Carlos Lopes, Maxion Wheels; Dr. Donald Harby, John Deere; Carsten Buchholz, Rolls Royce

Creating More Sustainable Designs Using Simulation Technology
Ismail Benhayoun, Altair; Jon Aldred, HBK; Klaus Hofwimmer, Magna; Moritz Maier Synera; Francois-Xavier Becot, Matelys

The Challenges to Clinical Biostatistics Modernization
Caroline Phares, Altair; Michael Rimler, GSK; Bhavin Busa, Clymb Clinical;  Stuart Malcolm, Veramed

Breaking the Barriers of Becoming an AI-driven Enterprise
LaRue Brown, Altair; Julien Muller, Ezako; George Bara, Zetta Cloud; Sam Verdonck, Tangent Works; Dr. Walid, UbiAI

Making Students Real-World-Ready for Careers in Advanced Design, Manufacturing, and Simulation
Jaideep Bangal, Altair; Prof. Timothy W. Simpson, Penn State University; Prof. Duann Scott, MIT; Dr. Robert Taylor, University of Texas at Arlington


AI-powered Engineering

Discover the transformative engineering and design advancements emerging from the convergence of simulation, AI, and HPC. Gain in-depth perspectives from experts in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and electronic system design industries, and hear how they’re optimizing design processes, accelerating development cycles, and leveraging AI to achieve breakthrough results and out-innovate the competition.

Charting the Future of Aerospace & Defense: A Conversation with Industry Experts
Jason Napolitano | SVP, Americas, Altair
Gio Greco | Astra Chief Engineer & SVP Mission Assurance

Structural Modelling – A Foundation of the Intelligent Engine
Carsten Buchholz | Project Engineer - Hybrid Electric Flight Demonstrator, Rolls Royce

Accelerate CAE and CFD with Hassle-Free High-Performance Computing (HPC)
Rick Watkins | Sr. Director, Cloud Computing, Altair

Why Architecture Matters in Automotive Engineering and Simulation
Rick Knoechel | Global Strategy Lead, Automotive and Discrete Manufacturing, AMD

Combining AI and Simulation for OSD Manufacturing Process Optimization
Stefan Pantaleev | Lead Engineer, Simulation & Design Support - GTT, Altair

The Value of Achieving a Fully Integrated Engineering Solution for Electronic System Design
Rebecca Fifelski | Automotive Electronics Engineering Executive

Altair physicsAI for Fast CAE Predictions Using Deep Learning
Dr. Charles Mortished | Lead Engineering Data Scientist, Altair


Frictionless AI for the Modern Enterprise

AI does not need to be complex to deliver exceptional results. We will explore the most successful use cases for AI from a range of industries, such as banking, automotive and aerospace, and hear from experts who are using AI and machine learning to modernize and revolutionize their organizations and deliver impactful results in priority areas.

Waste Not, Want Not in Healthcare Using CGI and Altair – Using Analytics to Promote Payment Integrity
Gary Jackson | Director Consulting Expert, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain, CGI

Navigating the Data and Analytics Maturity Curve: Strategies for Excellence
Vasilij Nevlev | Director, Analytium

No Way Back: Machine Learning in the Age of Generative AI
Dr. Ingo Mierswa | Sr. Vice President, Product Development, Altair

Application & Enterprise Modernization Fueled by AI
Ashirvad Patnaik | Global BFSI Analytics & Risk Management Lead, Tech Mahindra


Revolutionizing HPC in the Era of AI and Cloud

Bringing you the biggest change to HPC in 30 years! Staying ahead of future requirements while addressing today’s demands can be challenging. Achieving results promptly and with increased efficiency is more important than ever before. Hear from industry experts on how to utilize the full potential of your compute environment, break down resource silos, and optimize cloud bursting — all while staying within budget constraints.

The Future of Workload Management
Dr. Rosemary Francis | Chief Scientist - HPC, Altair

Workload Management at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Including Aurora - One of the Fastest Supercomputers in the World
Bill Allcock | ALCF Director of Operations, Argonne National Laboratory

HPC for AI
Scott Campbell | Program Manager, Altair

Talking About Technology of Tomorrow with Quantum Founder
Steve Brierley | CEO, Riverlane
Dr. Rosemary Francis | Chief Scientist HPC, Altair

Mainstream Convergence of HPC and AI Workloads
Everton Paulino | HPC & AI Solutions Director, Automotive & Manufacturing, Intel

Beyond the Balance Sheet: Billing, Cost Control, and Metrics
Ian Littlewood | Sr. Director, Product Manager, Altair

Simulating Clouds in the Cloud
Will Shanks | HPC Systems Engineer III, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Intelligent Scheduling Powered by AI
Matthew Bonyak | Product Manager Altair


Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for the Workforce of Tomorrow

It can be valuable for students to learn to use tools and technologies like Altair’s while in school, as that facilitates a virtuous circle: students can get the premier jobs they are seeking; faculty course instructors can complement theory and first principles with software tools for engineering simulation, data science, and AI that bring principles to life (and are widely used in industry); and companies can more readily find and hire the new talent they’re seeking to help drive innovation. Come join us in this track as we focus on the shared goal of helping students be real-world-ready!

Fireside Chat with Dean Kamen about FIRST Robotics
Jim Ryan | VP, Global Academic Programs, Altair
Dean Kamen | Founder of DEKA R&D and FIRST®

Shaping the Future of Research in Antarctica with Team Polar
Mick Schuessel | Partnership Manager, Team Polar

Implementing a Curriculum with Altair Tools to Help Converge Simulation, Data, and HPC
Prof. Achraf Kallel | ESILV Teacher Researcher, France

Designing and Building Better Robots with Altair Inspire
Colin Dagg | FIRST Robotics #67 Team Leader - Heroes of Tomorrow (HOT), USA

Empowering Tomorrow's Engineers: Altair Inspire's Role in Undergraduate Engineering Coursework and Research
Dr. Marko Lubarda | UC San Diego Assistant Teaching Professor, USA

Scouting with Altair RapidMiner in First Robotics
Jacob Hammitte | Product Engineer - Controls, Altair and Woodhaven Robotics Team 3604 Mentor

Training the New Electric Motor Drive Engineers: Role of Modeling and Simulation
Dr. Berker Bilgin | McMaster University Professor and Co-founder Enedym, Canada

Complementing Automotive Engineering Theory with Altair Simulation Tools
Prof. Alessandro Scattina | Politecnico di Torino Professor, Italy

Bridging the Gap: From Academic Concepts to Industry Applications in EV Power Electronics
Dr. Uthane Supatti | Kasetsart University Professor, Thailand

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